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Good Story and Characters

Repressed (Deadly Secrets) - Elisabeth Naughton

Samantha/Sam   was back in her home town and planned to sell her childhood home now that her mom had passed away. It was taking longer than Sam thought it would Eighteen years ago her brother had been murdered and that had torn her family apart. She had nightmares before and didn’t want to relive that or the therapy sessions she went through. Now a Dr. Ethan McClane would be in her class and she didn’t want him near her student Thomas. Being the new teacher- Chemistry- around  for the last six weeks and gave homework and actually expected it to be done . She had become a target for teenagers to mess with her. But Sam was determined not to be pushed around . Sam would leave town as soon as she could but on her terms. Ethan came back to Hidden Falls as a favor to Judge Wilson to help a student- Thomas in High School. Settle into a new life there and have counseling from Ethan.

This was a very good story definitely ,Repressed had an excellent plot. I loved the characters and I was glad one of the characters believed to be bad turned out not to be evil after all. So ironic how twisted in each others lives Sam and Ethan really were without knowing how Sam played a large part in changing Ethan’s life and didn’t know it. I loved the twists and turns of this story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.