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Good Story and Characters

You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone - Kevin O'Brien

Spencer’s Aunt Andrea/Dee was everything he had left in his life. They had moved to Seattle to start a new life. Spencer at eleven and another thirteen year old boy Garrett had killed Spencer’s parents . Spencer had been in a psychiatric hospital and juvenile detention center for five years. Garrett also had the same sentence but the did separate the boys. Spencer’s last name had been legally changed to try to keep the past behind him. Spencer’s Aunt Dee and Spencer had moved in with Luke as strange things were happening in and around their apartment. Spencer got along  good with Luke. Luke had a son Damon who came over for every other weekend. Damon was being bullied at school. He seemed to have only one friend her name was Tanya. Tanya was on the weird side. Then Damon did a murder suicide where he killed his mother then himself. But strange things continued to happen but to other families and Spencer was being setup to atke the blame.

This was a very good story. I constantly read while awake and even lost a little sleep to finish it. The [plot was excellent the writing was good and the characters were really well placed and had alot of depth. I truly enjoyed this. I loved the twists and turns especially the ones around Spencer. It did drag a little bit at times But I definitely recommend this.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.