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Good Story and Characters

After She's Gone - Lisa Jackson

Cassie was in the psych ward at Mercy Hospital- she had signed herself in. She had a nightmare every night and she was exhausted from lack of sleep. Then Cassie saw a nurse come in her room dressed in an old fashion way and told Cassie “ your sister is still alive”  Cassie notices she had on red cross earrings. Cassie’s sister Allie was missing and figured dead. She was a very bright star in Hollywood. Cassie was kind of a celebrity but her sister-Allie and mom- Jenna were alot more famous. Cassie didn't care right now her sister was missing and her body double had very nearly died from a freak accident on the movie set Allie was starring in-Dead Heat. Rinko was a thirteen year old patient at the psych ward at Mercy to Cassie he seemed more of a genius. Rinko knew how to get around security cameras , guards, and nursing staff. He showed up in Cassie’s room and said “ she was here and I seen her too’’ and then handed Cassie a little red cross and said he got it from “ the nurse”  then Rinko left. Whitney Stone was a journalist who fought her way to the spot she was in the world of journalism which was still a mans field. Whitney has thrived in the business because she was cagey and smart. She wanted to make it to the national stage and Allie Kramer could do it for her. Cassie’s nightmares came from when a psychotic serial killer tried to destroy her family and had killed Cassie’s boyfriend right in front of her ten years ago.

This was definitely a good story. It had a little bit of every thing in it: secrets, envy. sibling rivalry, lies, murder, family events from the past, passion, love, hate, jealousy, police, missing person, secret sister, actresses, actors, movie, serial killer and so much more. I would have like the background story of the time with the serial killer maybe at a later date bring out a novella I would definitely read it given the chance. This story was a little slow at times. But I did love the twists and turns of the story as well as those involving  Cassie. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.