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Once a Soldier  - Mary Jo Putney

Will had a horrible when he opened his eyes he recognized a man  named Gordon. They had went to school together a long time ago. Will was a soldier/spy who knew three other languages’ His commander had sent him to learn what was going on in the city. He found out nothing good. There are other men/spies with him and they are to be killed at dawn. Will found this house had been owned by a free mason at one time he found the symbol. The symbol when dug out had a lever that lead to a tunnel leading outside to some outsheds. He thought he might be to big to make it through but the other spies widened the exit so he could get out. The men felt a connection to each other and decided to try and meet up if they survived the war. The named their group The Brotherhood Of Rogues Redeemed. Eventually Will was ready to face the world as a civilian There was some soldiers who wanted to go home to San Gabriel and Will’s commander asked if he would lead them if their commander agreed. The ride through Portugal and Spain would give will a chance to say goodbye to the Army way if life. Athena had nothing left in England and went to San Gabriel she had been there five years and was a definite help to {princess Sofie and the even more important the whole community. When Will gets to San Gabriel there is a strong attraction between himself and Athena. Athena had found she could trust Will and told him of her past. A,so Will’s friend Justin and the Princess Sofie appear to have just as strong an attraction.

I liked the story but didn’t love it. The saving of San Gabriel seem to switch the plot some from the main characters. I also felt Justine’s and the princess really had attraction and romance not so much with Will and Athena. Maybe if it was two separate novellas it would have worked better for me. This story was okay just didn’t WOW me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.