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Hero Forgotten (A Blakemore Family Book: Oasis Group Series Book 1) - SaraLynn Hoyt

Abby came from a long line of supernaturals in her family. Abby could talk to the dead. Dari- a ghost wants Abby to to tell Dari’s husband Kent to move on. Abby’s cousin Marty gave her a love potion she was unaware of. When Abby goes to meet Kent and tell him of his late wife’s request she is outrageously attracted to Kent.

This was a short story and to be honest to start the story right with a sex scene just didn’t rock my world. I like at least a little build up or romance or attraction something. I did laugh at different times so that helped but this story just wasn’t for me. The story just toke off too fast.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.