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The Dirty Secret - Kira A. Gold

Vanessa/Vessa has decided to move back to Vermont. She has stopped to see Donna Edith's her company helps place people - they aren’t an escort service or employment agency though the structures are similar.Clients come to Donna Edith with needs and she matches them with clients that have needs. Some clients have long standing or repeat requests. Vessa’s stepmoyjrt doesn’t like Vessa so Vessa wants to be financially stable before her father becomes aware she was there. Donna Edith called Killian and let him know she had someone for him to meet, that the lady was a set painter0 Vessa wants to hide away and design just being out of college she needs to build her portfolio up.

I didn’t hate this story but I also didn’t love it. It was a shortish story with steamy sex scenes.I think what made it hard to really enjoy is  I am not into design and there was alot of that in this story. I liked how Donna Edith could  put people with needs together and could successfully pair her clients. As I said I didn’t hate this story it just didn’t WOW me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.