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Great Story and Characters

Only Her (A K2 Team Novel) - Sandra Owens

Cody Roberts after returning from Afghanistan the nightmares started. Cody was just starting a job at K2 Special Services. Cody preferred the company of his dogs: Pretty Girl and Sally than most people since he returned to the United States. The dogs never judged Cody or found him lacking and he didn’t have to worry about disappointing them. Cody had thought of suicide but his “ girls” needed him. Riley lived next door to Cody. Riley was a veterinarian and had two cats and a kitten. Cody was struck by Riley’s look. Riley thought Cody was hot. Cody feels he is not good enough for Riley with his head all messed up from his time as a Navy Seal Sniper. Riley’s parents had died when she was three and her grandmother toke her in but resented her as her grandmother’s only son was dead. Her grandmother was the only relative Riley had when her grandmother died Riley was six when her grandmother died and she went into foster care every since. She had been an angry teen but her last foster parents had no nonsense love and helped Riley turn herself around. Riley had some secrets in her past also. Riley and Cody could not deny the attraction.

I absolutely love this story. It is a great story with a great plot. It also reminds us of our wounded warriors who come home and find it hard trying to go back in our society. Many have battle scars in their mind and much more harder to heal if they ever do. I felt like I was right there with Cody as well as Riley. And the rest of the characters. That is how well this was written. I chuckled at parts and had tears at different parts. Some of this story was just heart wrenching. I loved the ins and outs of this story especially the ones concerning Riley and Cody. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.