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Night and Day: An Eve Duncan Novel - Iris Johansen

Cara knew Eve would come after her. Cara had to protect Eve as it was Cara’s fault she was here. Eve tried to save Cara. Eve spent her life protecting kids and to punish those that tried to hurt them. But Eve couldn’t save Cara. Cara’s sister and her friend Elena had died. Then the woman who hurt Eve said her name was Natalie and she was Cara’s mother. Jane is Eve’s adopted daughter since she was ten. Eve had a seven year old daughter- Bonnie and she had died. Eve was a forensic sculpture and has given closure to hundreds of families who had lost their children. Cara was eleven and had sisters that were already dead Cara’s mother Natalie was behind it and few wanted to believe it. Eve and Joe toke Cara but Natalie had ended up getting Cara. Cara’s father was the leader of one  the biggest drug  cartel lords in Mexico was now dead also. Natalie wanted the power she had being with Cara’s father. Eve and Joe were determined to save Cara as well as adopt her. Cara had become very close to Jock while in Scotland, he was like her big brother. Cara was three when she and her sisters were kidnapped but eventually Cara was able to escape.

I just couldn’t get into this story. I read over half of it and it didn’t hold my interest. Maybe because Natalie is responsible for the death of a couple of her daughters and was using Cara for her own advantage and keeping Cara in check by thoughts of hurting the few Cara loves. I know this is fiction but when you use children being killed or hurt by this parents just isn’t my thing. I have read books where the kids get away and continue their story but this just didn't grab hold of me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.