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The Goodbyes - Leslie Welch

Webb was a self taught guitar player in the band that was doing very well. But then he heard Bree was dying and he walked off the stage to prepare to go home. He remembers back to when new people had moved across the street and him and his mom toke them to show the new people where the mall was. Webb was in seventh grade. Webb had been unable to really talk to Bree he was totally memorized by Bree, but he manage to comment on her hair. . Another couple years go by and it’s prom time Webb mentioned to Bree but she had a date so Webb went ahead and asked Merilee and Bree acted jealous. Nut before that Bree had walked with Webb and he toke her to see the fort he had built a long time ago with his then best friend Jason. While there Bree kissed Webb but then an hour later she was wearing Jason’s ring around her neck on a chain. Bree was going to become Webb’s moms assistant at the beauty shop. Then Webb was back in the present and Webb toke off to get home and he drove and he hadn’t driven in seven years but he needed to be alone. Then another memory where Jason told Webb he had sex with Bree and she had come over to Webb’s as he didn’t go to school that day and Webb told he was busy and shut the door on Bree. Now back to the present again Charolette was the band’s manager and did a really good job. She had just called to let Webb know Bree was in ICU and where. Then Webb thinks back to the night Bree climbed into Webb’s window and toke Webb’s virginity then she left again. The next morning Jason and Bree were fighting and Webb said something and Jason broke his finger. But then Webb finds out Bree said he forces her. Then Webb is pulled over by a cop and it is the present who turns out to be Jason who has married and now has three kids and not to Bree. Then once again Webb is in his memories when Bree overdosed and he found her and saved her life. But then Bree’s mom sent her to Ohio where they had lived and she was staying with her cousin. Webb and Bree kept in contact. Then suddenly Webb was near the hospital and found he couldn’t go to see Bree. Webb then called Charolette.

I.m not sure how I feel about this story. I liked it but it was differently different. At one point I didn’t think I  would finish this story.  I was tired of the bs Bree did to Webb but I decided to see where it went. This was an easy pretty  good read,  I thought it would be long but the chapters were short. The writing was good but the story just didn’t WOW me. I don’t like going back and forth between the past and present either but did get through it in this story. Normally I don’t.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.