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Enraptured - Candace Camp

Violet’s mentor had been her Uncle Lionel. But Violet’s uncle had died and she was now on her way to the Earl of Mardorin to try to be given the chance to take her uncle’s place as the antiquarian before others got the chance to go after the position. Only Lionel had accepted Violet’s abilities. Then the carriage Violet was in was stopped by thieves but Coll came to Violet’s rescue and ran the men off who had stopped the carriage. Violet did not offer even a thank you was actually rude. Coll would have been happy with a thank you then decided to take a kiss for a thank you, then he toke another. Violet was shocked then ashamed she responded to Coll Violet is from England and Coll is Scottish from the Highlands. Coll manages his brother in laws estate who is the Earl that  Violet is trying to see. The ruins are on his estate. There is a rumor of lost treasure hidden on the estate or the estate across the loch [ lake]. The rumors of hidden treasure are putting Violet in danger Coll is determined to keep Violet safe. Attracted to each other but Violet says she is not going to slip again as when Coll claimed his payment. But also Coll has no desire to travel the world and Violet wants to go wherever the ruins are being found.

I didn’t love this but I didn’t hate this story. I loved the character of Coll He is really a sweetie as far as I am concerned. Violet kinda irritated me but I also understand she is independent but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude. The uncle may have let her do mostly anything she wanted to. But she does eventually loosen up with Coll and learns to Coll. I did like the ins and outs of this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.