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Great Story and Characters

Kill Without Mercy - Alexandra Ivy

Five soldiers had been held in a Taliban prison in Southern Afghanistan . They had five weeks of brutal torture and had been taught by this there are things worse then death. The  five soldiers were Rafe who was a covert ops specialist, then Max trained in forensics, Hauk was a sniper who was a expert with weapons, Teagan was a computer wizard, and Lucas who was a smooth talking hostage negotiator. They all became family while in that prison and bound with the will to survive. It had been two years since they got out of the service and five months ago they had all moved to Texas. The found the Saloon to hang out at a small cozy bar. They all still remembered from the war to lower your guard could mean death or worse. They had started up a new security business called Ares and soon it would be open for business. They had been getting notes of warning and there had been three so far. Annie had walked away from her job at Anderson Accounting six months after she had been hired, Katherine and Douglas Lowe were her foster parents. Annie had been a ten year old daughter of a .serial killer - Newton Slayer who had killed seven women before being caught and she was the only survivor. Katherine and her husband toke Annie in which was rare most would not especially after Annie had been in a mental institution for several months. Annie swore she had visions of the murders in her sleep as they happened. But her father was now dead he was killed in his cell and never stood trial. Then they visions had started up again two nights ago. In a few days it would be the fifteenth anniversary of when the killings started. Rafe had to clean his grandfathers house out as it had been sold. He was not looking forward to it as his grandfather never forgave his father for leaving. Rafe had stopped to eat and had met Annie sorta. Annie is determined to find the women who have the same profile as the women her father had killed before they two were killed. Annie seems to be the focus of the serial killer.

This was definitely a excellent story. Excellent plot and writing excellent characters and secondary characters. There is alot in this story but it is not overpowering. There is: action, mystery, suspense, passion, a serial killer, murder, a target and so much more even some romance. I loved the twists and turns in this story and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.