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Great Story and Characters

Redemption (Intimate Relations) - Kate Douglas

Ben’s home had been the U S Army for almost twenty years. Ben had no interaction with his parents or brother in that time. Ben had ruined his, his brothers, and two innocent strangers lives when he was younger. The young mother and her son was the innocent strangers and they died. RJ his brother could no longer compete in the Olympics he already had earned three gold medals. Lola’s sister was Mandy . Lola felt it was her fault Kaz got kidnapped and Jake got shot. Lola had given Kaz some disgusting pictures of Kaz that she thought Jake had taken. RJ who  used the name of Jake now had lied when Ben had asked him after the car accident as Ben was drunk but he believed as RJ/Jake was a minor he would not get in deep trouble but he was wrong and RJ/Jake had went to jail. When RJ/Jake toke the blame for the accident. Their parents had disowned RJ/Jake but Ben was welcomed home by his parents. Lola was thirty one and managed a modeling agency.  For some reason she was fascinated with Ben. they had talked to RJ/Jake and he did verify Ben was his brother. Kaz was Jake’s girl. Jake and Kaz were coming back the next day. When together again Jake had forgiven Ben. Someone is after Ben and he doesn’t know why. Ben is also attracted to Lola and he wants to get to know her but is worried  anyone around him will get hurt.

I liked this story alot. It had a good plot and was written well. I felt Ben had paid for what he did and was so glad Jake had forgiven him. I am also glad Ben forgave himself with Lola’s help. Also that he felt he had finally found a family. There were some hot erotic scenes in this story. I liked the twists and turns in this story . I recommend.

I received an ARC Of this story for an honest review.