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Good Story and Characters

Pin-Up Fireman: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance - Vonnie Davis

Boyd works as a fireman at the Fire and Marine Rescue Station 32. Boyd has a son named Matt that has asthma his Aunt Jinny watches Matt while Boyd works.  Chantel is a drug dealer and Boyd  is trying to be  the person he can so Chantel can’t use anything against him. Gracie- Ella is a lawyer but doe photography as a hobby. Gracie-Ella is going to take pictures of the firefighters and make a calendar of heroic heroes using firefighters and proceeds were for charity. She wants to take two photos of Boyd one for the front of the calendar , Boyd doesn’t want to but his caption insists he participate.  Gracie-Ella wanted to be a professional photographer then her brother Eli had been killed in a car accident and she became a lawyer as her parents wanted her to. Boyd stirred something in Gracie-Ella and that was different for the goal oriented lawyer. Boyd gets the evidence he needs against Chantel but has to ask Gracie-Ella for help. Oddly enough Gracie-Ella had Chantel for a client.  There is instantly attraction for both Boyd and Gracie-Ella.

This was a very good story, it was fast paced and had a good plot. There’s alot going on with Boyd and Gracie-Ella but they have to get through it or lose each other……. I also laughed at times reading this story. I also choked up at times. There was basically everything it needed to make this a good story. I liked the ups and downs of this story. I really liked Gracie-Ella and Boyd as characters. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.