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Good Story and Characters

His to Protect: A Fireside Novel - Stacey Lynn

Trina had run from her physically/ mentally abusive husband Kevin. Kevin was a senator’s son so she felt she must hide from him and planned to go to Canada to get away from him. She had stopped in Detroit and went into a dumpster outside a restaurant to feed her dog Boomer. She refused to leave her dog behind. Trina had been eating gas station hotdogs and pizza. One evening when going through the dumpster to find Boomer food the owner of Fireside Grill came out to see her there. Trina immediately apologized and promised she would not go back there anymore. The owner’s name was Declan and he offered to cook her something to eat. Boomer had to stay outside but it would be right by the door with the door propped open. Declan also told Trina he had a spare room in his home and she could use it. Then he makes her a little something to eat the next day she turns down the room but thanks him for the meal and the offer. He gives her his business card. Trina then leaves to go to the motel she had a room in to see someone had robbed what money she had and her passport had also been taken. There went her chance of going to Canada. That night Trina slept in her car as she wasn’t sure Kevin hadn’t sent someone to find her. The next day she goes to the Fireside Grill and tells DeClan what happened and she would take the room. As long as there was no strings attached. Declan reassured her he wouldn't take a woman to his home to sleep with her. As time goes on Trina is very attracted to Declan as he was to her but both fight it. Then Trina gets a call on her throw away phone and it was Kevin. Trina panics and was going to immediately leave but decided to Declan first and he asks her to wait til he gets there. He also brought a friend of his who was with the FBI who would find out what he could about where Kevin was and what he was up to. Trina derides to stay.

This was a very good story. I wonder are there any good men out there left who is like DeClan was. A man who would help a stranger like that. As you can tell i felt like i was right there with Trina and Declan a nod to the great writing of the author. The plot was also very good. I liked the twists and turns of the story as well as those involving Trina and Declan. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.