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The Protector (Highland Brides Book 1) - Allison  Butler

Duff is twenty six and was on his horse Duncan. He had to give up all hope of finding out who he was. It was very hard on him as he never failed. He was still an orphan with no family name. Duff saw six men who were ready to jump four strangers even though he should stay out of it he decided to even up the odds. One of the travelers was Laird Allister Gordan. Then another person is close her hood falls off and it is a woman her father is the Laird and she recognizes him. Duff doesn’t know any of this but he does help her also. Mairi the woman had came to welcome her father home. Laird Gordon lets  Mairi know they are indebted to Duff results may have been different if he hadn’t helped. Mairi’s guard had been badly hurt and the Laird asked Duff to protect Maira for a week til her guard was better. Laird Gordon is the leader of their clan and has three suitors and Mairi would have to chose one. She has to carry on for the clan. Mairi and Duff fall in love yet he has to be there while she dates other men during the day. So it is hard for him to see Mairi with another man.

I didn’t love this but I also didn’t hate it, The story just didn’t WOW me . The story dragged a little for me. I also don’t believe you fall in love in a week. Mairi was so stubborn with Duff yet very submissive to her dad and this is really important it is the rest of her but also Duffs life. I loved the way Duff was willing to help strangers. With no thought of any kind of gain just to help. I did like the ins and outs of the story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.