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Good Story and Characters

The Highlander's Accidental Marriage - Callie Hutton

Lady Sarah Lacey was traveling to Scotland to visit her twin sister Sybil.Sybil is a sister to the Duke of Manchester. She is traveling with her maid Alice . Her twin Sybil is married and expecting her child and she lives in Scotland now and in married to a Laird. There is a carriage accident and Sarah and Alice are at the side of the rode. Professors Braeden McKinnon and Monty Blackwell were with Edinburgh college  are on a break and on their way home. They stop and take the women to the nearest inn. Then Braeden decides to ride with Lady Sarah and Alice. Then Alice gets sick and cannot continue with them. Sarah wants to be a writer not a wife. Braeden is waiting for a letter to go on an archeological  dig in Rome. Braeden has been waiting two years. When at an inn Sarah and Breanden are suppose to be brother and sister but in the currant inn their was only one room with one bed and Sarah Said her and Braeden were married which in Scotland at this time made it so. Neither Braeden nor Sarah want to be married. Braeden wants Sarah to come with him but neither communicate to the other very well.

Another good story that I really enjoy. I must say Braeden and Sarah are both stubborn but I think that Sarah is also a little selfish.After all it is her fault they are married. Braeden has been good to her as far as I am concerned. Sarah has to grow up and take responsibility for her actions and not only think of herself. But I have to say this was pretty predictable with no real surprises bit I am okay with that. But it was an easy read and despite some of the things i would have changed I still really enjoyed the ups and downs of this story and with Braeden and Sarah. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.