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Good Story and Characters

Come to Me - Oberon Wonch

Bridget was the oldest sister she was engaged to Samson who was abusive. But when the country gets a new king all English engagement were off. Bridget was happy and begged her dad to let her become a nun as she  didn’t want to marry if it met being with someone like Samson and you couldn’t be sure. Bridget’s sister  Aislinn is to marry Gregoire who is to take over for Bridget’s father. Bridget’s is on her way to visit a sick monk when she comes upon Gregoire - the new Earl- Gregoire and Bridget has instant attraction. Bridget and Gregoire to translate for Aislinn and Gregoire. Aislinn is very quiet and seems to be withdrawn. Gregoire had a bad first marriage and wanted his next bride to want to marry him so there is two weeks before the wedding is due to happen and he wants to court his future wife. Gregoire is a warrior but wants a home and family. Bridget and Gregoire had met five years ago when Gregoire was made Earl.

This was a very good story. The plot was good as was the writing. I liked the fact Gregoire wanted his next wife to want to marry him that is my idea of a good man in that time frame. I felt bad for Bridget if she hadn’t experienced Samson she would be the one that was suppose to marry Gregoire. It just adds extra to the story in a good way. I liked the ins and outs of this story especially the ones concerning Bridget and Gregoire. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.