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Rooter (Double H Romance) - Teiran Smith

Sophie was a college student who had been raped which had help mold the person she is today. Jace Russo and Sophie are next door neighbors and jace had been watching Sophie. But now Jace was  Rooter was twenty five and a big bad biker with alot of tattoos and belonged to the One Percenter MC but he could also be kind and gentle. Lucy was twenty one and was insecure and a bit immature but she wanted to be with Rooter. Sophie has a gay friend Ryan who has always been there for her. Rooter sees her with Ryan and believes Sophie slept with Ryan. rooter won’t take her calls or read her texts. He then hooks up with Candace and parades he in front of Sophie . then Candace says she is pregnant and she comes first. Sophie always seems to be second even when rooter and Candace are no longer together. Candace goes over to Sophie’s and starts a fight and falls and tells rooter she lost the baby. Rooter blames Sophie . he believes Candace over Sophie. Then he hears how Candace revealed there was never a baby.

I just didn’t like this whole story. Rooter supposedly loves Sophie but never belies her or believes in her. He also says some really nasty things for Sophie and she is suppose to take all he says and does and be okay with it. I just don’t believe that. Then some things are over described in this story like the meal Sophie and Rooter have. This also started a little slow. I would have liked to hear more of Sophie’s past. Rooter was disappointing also. It just didn’t do much good for me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.