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Good Story and Characters

Swimsuit Body (The Cypress Bay Mysteries) - Eileen Goudge

Letricea/Tish owns  Rest Easy Property management. Tish has a dozen properties she manages. Delilah Ward is Tish’s first celebrity guest. Went Tish checked the property her largest Delilah had already been there  even though she was not due until 3 pm today. But Tish found a mess and went about cleaning it . As Tish was preparing to leave Delilah showed up and apologized for being early as well as the mess. Tish found herself actually liking Delilah and that surprised her as she figured Delilah would be trouble/ Tish had been given a list of requirements for Delilah including signing a document agreeing not to reveal where Delilah was. The booking went through the end of August. Delilah was fresh out of rehab .Delilah has a soon to be released action movie called Category 5. Delilah had grown up in foster care. At nineteen became famous in They Come out At Night which became a cult classic.Her life and career derailed when Delilah’s husband stuntman Eric Nyland ‘s plane went down in the ocean. Her next film was to be made there in Cyprus Bay. After several days Tish decided to check on Delilah and found her body with a bullet in the back of her head. Tish decides to start an investigation of her own with help from her best friend Ivy. Tish and Ivy had been friends since grade school. Tish’s mentally ill brother had become a person of interest.

I liked this story alot. It was a bit slow at first but then it started going and grabbed you  and you didn’t want to put this down. It had a good plot as well as good writing. The story had action, murder, murder, suspense, and so much more. I really did enjoy this. I liked the ins and outs of this story especially the ones including Tish. i recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.