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Chasing the Heiress - Rachael Miles

Archibald Pettigrew wanted Arabella’s inheritance. He had already poisoned Arabella’s great aunt and then found Arabella and not him was to inherit from said aunt. So now Archibald had hired assassins to find Arabella and bring her back to him. He asked Ox if he had gotten Arabella and he said no but she could not have went far as she had no money or friends and she was on foot. Colin was a spy for the crown but he had a different mission to get a pregnant Marietta to London. Colin decided if she gave birth while on this trip he would kill someone in the home office beginning with strangling Harrison Walgrave. Colin’s brother is the Duke of Forster. Arabella/Lucy as she went by now had found work as a scullery maid at an inn which included lodging and felt like a good place to hide. Arabella had a letter from her great aunt Aurelia and she was to give it to an old love of her great aunt’s  Sir Cecil Grandison and he would know what to do. The carriage was attacked but they got through it Colin had been shot as had Marietta but she also went into labor. However they did make it to the next inn.The inn keepers wife was a midwife so she and the other maid attended to Marietta and Lucy was left to take care of Colin. Colin found even though he was in pain he was attracted to Lucy. Lucy was also attracted to Colin but her job right now was to be his nurse. Colin’s brother the Duke comes to the inn to check on him and that is when Colin requests that Lucy travel with him as Colin wishes to help Lucy since she saved his life so he takes her with him to take the newborn to the palace. Marietta’s cousin was the Prince Regent but Marietta didn’t make it but her baby did. Lucy had lost her dad and fiance in the wars and she had followed her dad  and that is where she learned to take care of injured men.

I liked this story. I really liked the fact Arabella didn’t think it was beneath her to take care of wounded men or be a scullery maid. She has alot of inner strength and takes care of herself the best she can. I also liked that Colin wanted to take Arabella with him and wanted to help her. The plot was good as was the writing. This story has action, suspense, romance, assassins, inheritance, greedy people, and much more in it. I liked the ins and outs Arabella went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review