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Wicked Love (Wicked White Series) - Michelle A. Valentine

Avery caught Chance cheating on her . Avery’s sorority sisters Sasha and Rosemary were with her. She caught Chance at  the Highland Cinema  making out with Charity. Avery decides she wants revenge and the one thing Chance does love is his red Camero and Avery decides she wants to bust his headlights out. But then she realizes it is a crime and her sorority sisters would give her name in a flash and she didn’t want to disappoint her dad who had always been there for her. A handsome had stopped her at first anyways asking her what she was doing she told him the truth and he backed off. The girls left after putting Avery down and she had no ride back so Tyler who was the stranger offered to give her a ride and since she had a tire iron on her and it wasn’t the safest places she decides to take the ride. Tyler was a gentleman and gave Avery a ride home. Then Avery’s dad was caught embezzling and fired from his job and they have to move in with her grandmother in a small town. Her dad is adding an extra room on her grandma’s house it so happens Tyler lives in the same town and is helping Avery’s father add the room. Even though Tyler had only seen Avery the one time she haunts his head, heart, and dreams. Tyler had given a promise to his father just before he passed away that he would go for his dream of becoming a rock star. But as he and Avery spend more time together he finds it harder to want to keep that promise. Then Avery and Tyler have one passionate night together. Tyler tells Avery being with her was a mistake and he has to refocus on his music and leaves. But actually Tyler feels responsible for the tragedy in Avery’s life and leaves her when she needs him most. Three years later Tyler was world famous rock star for Wicked White. Returning home Tyler hopes he can fix Avery’s broken heart.

Usually I love rock star stories but this one fell short for me. I didn’t hate nor did I love it .It started out very good but then went downhill at least fro me. The biggest thing was Avery started out gutsy and bold in first meeting Tyler but somehow she lost that and meekly excepts Tyler back into her life after three years. How could she trust he would not just up and leave again. More important how can she totally forget how he hurt her in the past he didn’t have to do anything not beg her to forgive him not grovel not have to work hard to get back to her and win her trust and love again but that didn’t happen either. Just isn’t realistic to me in any way. The ending also feels a little rushed to me. I was looking forward to reading this but was disappointed.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest