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Great Story and Characters

Ink and Bone: A Novel - Lisa Unger

Finley had moved with her grandmother and was now attending Sacred Heart College. Her grandmother -Eloise- lived in The Hollows. Finley saw the dead and they always wanted something from her. Finley was learning to control what she seen or heard. Finley was trying to train to control herself to take in information when the time was right so her life would not get controlled. Finley’s mother Amanda was not happy about Finley being in The Hollows. Amanda did tell Finley she was like her great  Aunt Emily: wild, fearless, creative, and headstrong. Finley had sleeves of tattoos on her arms. Each taboo represented something Finley had seen in a vision or her dreams. Finley had started getting tattoos when she was sixteen. Eloise was a renown psychic medium. She knew the world of spirits  was completely different from the world of the body. Finley rode her motorcycle to school and when on her bike she found quiet as far as the dead went it was just Finley. Finley also seen distant relatives Patience, Sarah and Abigail. Patience was sweet and the youngest, Sarah quiet and the middle sister and Abigail was the oldest and would be the one to lead Finley to get in trouble.The sisters were burnt at the stake at the ages of twelve, fourteen and sixteen. Finley had seen the sisters since she was five or maybe forever. She had not seen the sisters as much since coming to The Hallows. When at school Finley decided to get a cup of coffee and seen a classmate he came to talk to her and said his name was Jason. Finley wouldn’t say she was happy but didn’t feel the need to act out like she did in Seattle as she understood herself better and was calmer in The Hallows. Rainer/Rain had followed Finley to The Hallows, they had been together in Seattle but she wanted a break from everything and he was trying to give her space. Rain had opened up his own tattoo shop and he was the only one to ever tattoo Finley. He seemed to have a way to understand everything she wanted and how important it was to her.

I absolutely love this story. It just had so much in it but did not overlap as some stories do. I didn’t want to put it down unless I had to. It just grabbed me right from the beginning. The plot was great as was the writing. There was action, love, mystery, suspense, secrets, kidnapping, PI, psychic, abilities, terror, and so much more. I loved the twists and turns in the story as well as the twists and turns Finley went through. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.