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Good Story and Characters

Finding Beautiful: Book One, The Trinity Series (Volume 1) - Amanda Kaitlyn

Aria’s best friend is Farrah. For Aria dancing was like walking. Aria had been endlessly training for the three last weeks. Coach, mentor and dance partner for six years was Eli Jones. Aria had danced every since she could put she could put one foot in front of the other. Dancing had been an outlet all through middle school, HS, and four years at Julliard.Aria had been in the hospital four months ago after Bryce had beat and raped her . Her sister Kel was there for her but her mother hadn’t talked to Aria since her older brother Jeremy had died. Her mother blamed Aria as Jeremy had been with her. Aria was afraid to date again but then she met Gavin and she had never reacted physically to any man like she did Gaven.

I liked this story alot. I think it was a little longer then it had to be but got through that. But i easily read it one setting. But it wasn’t just a romance it had suspense, abuse, obsession, passion, pain, healing, separation, and so much more to make a good story. This had a good plot and I loved the ups and downs in the story as well as the ups and downs Aria and Gavin went through . I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.