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Lady of Intrigue - Sabrina Darby

Lady Jane often traveled with her father. As Jane grew older she helped her father whenever she could. Jane was practical and that was what was most useful to her dad. A lady’s value in Jane’s society nearly entirely depended on her usefulness and attractiveness to a man. Lady Jane had switched carriages at the inn and now rode with Lady and Lord Powell. Then there was something wrong with the carriage and they crashed.Then Jane realized they had been attacked as she had seen a man kill Lord Powell.Gerald realized there was an extra person in the carriage and all Gerald’s research and planning was for nothing because of Jane’s existence. Gerald had been careful so that when Lord Powell was found dead it would not become an international incident, Even though Gerald was used to death he could not just kill Lady Jane. Gerald knew he was being a fool but could not help himself and toke Jane with him. Gerald tended to Jane injuries the best he could. He helped Jane sit up to drink and then to eat. But Gerald would not answer any of Jane’s questions.

I tried I just Could Not get into this story. I don't really know why. It seemed to drag to me and it just didn’t hold my interest.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.