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Good Story and Characters

His Witch To Keep (Keepers of the Veil) - Zoe Forward

Serenity had to get a Columbia Cartel leader’s - Munoy- laptop that night or Serenity’s sister will be killed. Serenity had some abilities such as invisibility as she was one of the chosen 7 Pleiades Witches. Then Alexi shows up and pulls her farther into the shadows where Serenity had been watching the thirty Hispanics fight over the price of a rocket propelled grenade. Alexi was the world’s Most elusive assassin- The Shadow. Alexi was now believed to work for the witch hunters.He had already been contracted once by Russia to kill Serenity.Maybe he was here yet again for the same reason. But in reality Alexi worked for Hades- who was a God- and was a death reaper. Alexi was to go after the most wicked and evil mortals. Serenity had a scar on her lip from her one time torture session with witch hunters. Eight months ago Serenity and Alexi had a passion filled night but Alexi left while Serenity was asleep in his hotel room. Serenity now tried to hide her deep need for Alexi. Alexi is Hades right hand man and can’t bind with a chosen Pleiades witch. Alexi has been watching over Serenity for years. Alexi did get the laptop for Serenity and in payment all he wanted to know if Serenity had bonded with one of Zues’s guardsmen which she had not. Alexi and Serenity fight their feelings. Alexi and Serenity work hard to unravel the mystery so Serenity’s sister can be saved.

I liked this story alot to it: fast paced, good plot action, mystery, romance, fantasy, a god, death reaper, witches, danger and so much more. I liked the twists in this story especially the ones Serenity and Alexi went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.