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Good Story and Characters

One Forbidden Knight - Nicola Davidson

Catherine was among the favored of queen Mary until her father dies on the road back to the palace, Catherine finds this  mysterious and that something isn’t right. Catherine’s father had been Queen Mary’s chief physician. Catherine is determined to look for answers to her fathers death. Catherine meets Sir Branden Fitzalan/Brand at her father’s grave when he went there to pay his respects. Brand had been one her father’s best friends. Brand offers his services if Catherine ever needed him. Catherine asks Brand to help her find out the true reason her father had died. So Catherine and Brand set out to see what really happened and Brand would not have left Catherine alone in the tutor court while she looked for answers. Brand had his own secrets: he was illegitimate and his father would not recognize him as a son only as his cousin. Also Brand’s wife had a mysterious death as well as a new religion. Catherine went after Brand when he tried to stay away from her in a romantic way. Oddly the Queen’s guards will do anything to stop the truth from being known and this puts Catherine and Brand in danger,

I liked the story alot. It was a short story but had alot in it like: passion, intrigue, romance, suspense, secrets, action and so much more. The story started out a little slow but got past that until it picked up . This story had a good plot that I enjoyed. I was a little surprised when Catherine initiated sex but maybe that was done at court anyway got over it. I liked the ins and outs of the story as well as the ins and outs Catherine and Brand went through. I recommend,

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.