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His Secret Child - Leslie North

Slade was the owner and ran Slade Securities. Brock was his employee but really more of a brother to Slade. Bethany had called Slade Securities as it was the only number she had to contact Brock. But Brock was on his honeymoon so Slade came to in his place. Bethany was Tayra sister. Tayra was Brock's ex wife. By the time Slade arrived Bethany had passed away from breast cancer. Slade met Bethany and saw a child at her side-Jason- who had something wrong with his legs. Bethany wanted to adopt Jason , she was not going to let him go. But Bethany did need help with Jason’s health problems and felt he should get what he had coming to him. Bethany thought Jason was Brock’s and Tayra’s son but in reality he was Slade’s from a one night stand with Tayra after she was divorced from Brock.

This story was okay but I did not enjoy it as much as I would have liked. First off I hate cliff hangers and this ended in one. There wasn’t much romance as the relationship was too fast paced but this was a short story but still I think it could have been handled differently. There was no resolution for Jason or his health problems. There was also too many questions in the end like: how did Brock feel about Slade sleeping with his ex after all Brock had went through. I also feel like the story ended abruptly. I think with some work this could have been a better read.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.