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Good Story and Characters

Say You'll Love Me - Ally Broadfield

Lady Abigail is at a ball to celebrate her engagement to Robert who was her childhood sweetheart. When Abigail doesn’t see Robert she goes looking for him and she finds him in a dark corner fondling his sister maid. Then later that evening the maid is found murdered. Robert becomes the prime suspect. Abigail decides she can’t marry Robert and wants to break the engagement as Robert is not the boy she grew up with. Robert claims to be innocent and Abigail’s father insists she stay engaged to Robert until his name is cleared. Abigail decides to investigate herself with help from her best friend Georgina who brought along her sister Henrietta. Then Abigail and Georgina ask Georgina’s brother Edmund to help. Edmund is the Marquess of Longcraft as well as a mathematical whiz. Edmund feels he has to find husbands for all his sisters before he looks for a wife himself. Edmund doesn’t believe in love.

This was a good story that I enjoyed. It was a quick read and there really wasn’t enough time to develop the romance. I also felt the murder was solved a little too soon but I still enjoyed this alot . I liked the ups and downs of the story as well as the ones Abigail and Edmund went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.