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Virtuous Scoundrel (The Regency Romp Trilogy Book 2) - Maggie Fenton;Margaret Foxe

Sebestian was shocked how fast trouble followed him when he got home to England. He was now the Marquess of Manware. Sebestian had left England two years before and now his uncle had passed away. Sir Oliver Blanchard called Sebestian out over his daughter Rosamund. Sebestian now wished he had never met Rosamund. Sebestian had flirted with Rosamund and after that she threw herself at Sebestian every chance she got. Rosamind was one of the reasons Sebestian left England. Now he was named the father of Rosamund’s unborn child. Sebestian had never killed anyone during hid career of reigning duelist of London. Sebestian’s bullets always went where ever he wanted them to go. Sebestian had always been careless with his life but since his uncle died he had changed. The Duke of Montford was Sebestian’s best friend and also the richest man in the country. Sebestian had really returned because of Katherine his uncle’s widow. Sebestian had been in love with Katherine for years. Katherine’s marriage to Sebestian’s uncle had been arranged. Katherine loves Sebestian but is determined to protect her heart and not be smooth talked into anything by Sebestian. Lady Katherine had been seduced at fifteen by her music teacher as she was a way to get money.

I just didn’t get into this story as much as I would have liked to. I did choke up  some times and laughed at others. But this story was slow moving at times also. Parts of the story also felt forced to me, the flow of the story didn’t seem natural or right to me. So I didn’t love this story but I also didn’t hate it. There were some good parts just not enough as far as I am concerned.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.