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Good Story and Characters

A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas - Kim Redford

As Misty was driving to Wild Cat Bluff  a man runs in the middle of the road. It was close but Misty did manage to stop without hitting him. He hits the glass of her window and tells her he is fire rescue and needs her help. She starts to have a panic attack but pulls herself out of it and finds some towels and after a bit gets out of her car to help him. It had been a long time since Misty reacted to a man like she reacted to Trey which was the strangers name. Trey dubs Misty his Christmas Angel. Misty is a trouble shooter for Texas Trees. There had already been a bad fire at a Christmas tree farm and others were threatened. Misty was to find the arsonist. Trey is suspicious of the fire. Trey owns the Wildcat Ranch and is very proud of it. People at Wildcat Bluff help one another.Wildcat Bluff pulls out all the stops for Christmas . Misty has alot of feelings push forward as she has bad memories of Christmas and fire.

I liked this story, it was suspenseful yet still had romance. It also has Misty fighting her demons. The story has quirky characters who care about their town and each other. I liked Trey and I liked Misty and felt they were good together. I liked the ins and outs they went through as well as the ones in the story. I recommend.

I received an Arc of this story for an honest review.