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Good Story and Characters

The Rogue You Know (Covent Garden Cubs) - Shana Galen

Lady Susanna didn’t care about hats or garden parties and she didn’t care about finding a husband but she was twenty and probably would have to marry within the year. If her mother knew the way Susanna felt she would lock Susanna in her room for days. Susanna didn’t mind as she loved to draw and she could get lost in it. Susanna was the daughter of a Earl and knew what was expected of her. Susanna had escaped to the ladies room and found Lady Winthorpe was there. Lady Winthorpe was a countess but she had known Susanna’s mother when she was young and her mother had been in love with someone else. Susanna wanted to ask more questions but Lady Winthorpe left. Gideon was a thief but only did that to survive. Gideon wanted to get out and be free of Beezle and do something with his life. One last take. As long as Gideon got the necklace he would be free. Gideon was actually a good guy and had a good heart. Gideon knew Marlowe she had been his accomplice but he helped Marlowe escape the clutches of Beezle. Marlowe was now married to Susanna’s brother and was the Countess of Dane. He ended up at Susanna’s home planning to hide the necklace but was caught by Susanna. Susanna has been craving some action so she gives Gideon a proposal that she will give Gideon back the necklace if he takes her to Vauxhall Gardens. So Gideon agrees.

I liked this story but felt Susanna really trusted Gideon way too soon especially since he was a thief. The attraction between Susanna and Gideon was very evident but  a thief and the daughter of an Earl but then her brother married for love. I did laugh at some spots and there was a good plot and it was well written. I absolutely loved the dog Beauty and she definitely added to the story. There was action but the story was predictable but i still liked it. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.