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Great Story and Characters

Releasing the Demons - L D Rose

Blaze had finally spent the night with Elena , he had been talking to her for a couple of months. Elena worked at a cafe. Blaze had an old homeless guy- Homes - watch his car the next morning he paid Homes one thousand dollars for watching the car for the night. Then Blaze had been set up to look like he murdered Elena she had been bit and burned. Homes had told the police Blaze or Hercules as Homes called him, had paid Homes to watch the car and when he left for the night Elena had been with Hercules and when he came back in the morning he was alone, Rome was the oldest of the six brothers and Blaze was one of them,and that made Rome the leader. Blaze and his brothers were part of an organization called Order Of The Senary, The members of the order’s job is to kill vampires and protect humans. The brothers were hybrids which is half vampire and half human. The worked for the U S Military. Different hybrids had different powers like: ice, fire, healing, shapeshifter, death, and mind. Valerie and Devon were detectives as well as partners. They got Elena’s case. Valerie has a personal grudge against vampires as they had drained her eight year old sister of all her blood and of course she had died. Valerie has to bring Blaze in for questioning and soon realizes Blaze is innocent and she needs Blaze and his brothers to help clean up all the vampires. People didn’t come out at night anymore for fear of being attacked by vampires. Valerie and Blaze must learn to trust each other to work together. They are attracted to each other but also have a job to do. Alek is the sire of NYC and controls his vampires and he is also a vampire. Cyrus comes to ALek and proved he could make fire after drinking Blaze’s blood. Cyrus had held Blaze captive for seven months and regularly drained Blaze and kept his blood. Cyrus wants to hunt Blaze and once caught he will be taken by Cyrus. Alek can have all the other hybrids captured. The deal is made between Cyrus and Alek. Blaze and his brothers have been genetically engineered. Blaze and Valerie are both damaged but grow to care for each other.

I enjoyed this story alot. But I would have liked to know more about the brothers beginnings and why the program had been stopped. The characters really came to life in this story. Excellent writing and great plot.Alot of action with some romance thrown in. There was times i Laughed reading this and times i choked up. I liked the relationship between Valerie and Blaze and all the twists and turns they went through. As well as all the twists and turns in the story itself. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.