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Bad King - M. Malone

Olivia’s best friend is Bennett. Bennett and Olivia grew up together and Olivia decided Bennett was her soulmate. Even if Bennett was brilliant and Olivia wasn’t. Now all Olivia had to do was convince Bennett. Olivia believed it would ideal to settle down with Bennett. Olivia is co-owner of a strip club called Club Prestige. She wants to become financially independent and she isn’t far from that goal now. Then Olivia wanted to get out of the business. Olivia’s dream had been to have a place for high profile people could go and make their fantasy come true without risk of being exposed or recognized. She had once moved in the circle of the wealthy and rich until she had a pick fight with her father. King runs his father’s business . But his dad threatens to turn his business over to King’s younger brother who still party most every night and he was lazy. King has to settle and marry if he wants to keep his dad happy. King decides to use Olivia to scare his dad off.

I liked this story but did not love it. Another short story .I think it would have been better if this the author had tried a little harder on this story. I would have liked more about the characters also. But it was an easy read.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.