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The Hook - Elisa Gioia, Hillary Locke

Matteo broke up with Gioia and left her at the airport. Gioia was heartbroken she thought Matted was the one but Matteo was  a punk rocker and cheated on Gioia. Gioia couldn't help but follow Matteo on social media and was devastated by what she found out. Gioia was pretty low but decided to throw herself into her work. Gioia has ad agency job and now has  a new project concerning an international record company. Her boss was Sabrina and drove Gioia crazy. Then her best friend Beatrice/Bea steps in and tells her Matteo isn’t worth it. A couple months later Bea notices Gioia is still pretty down she gets Gioja to go to Barcelona with her. While in Barcelona Gioia meets Christian who could be a cover model but is a businessman. Then she finds out Christian is Sabrina’s nephew. All of a sudden Matteo wants to come back into Gioia life.

I liked this story but didn’t love it. It was missing something for me. I believe this story could have been alot shorter. But i did laugh out ;loud at times and choked up at others. I won’t even talk about the ending I did not like at all. But I did like the characters and there seemed real .

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.