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Great Story and Characters

All the Missing Girls: A Novel - Ms. Megan Miranda

Nic received a call from her brother Daniel. He had called to tell her the money was almost gone and they had to sell teh house. Nic’s fiance was Everett who was a lawyer . Nic had met Everett when he was at his college friend’s apartment and Nic had just returned from putting her dad in a nursing home . She was offered a drink by her neighbor Trevor and she accepted. When she was ready to leave Everett walked her to her apartment door. He handed Nic his business card and told her to call him and she did. Nic had two months of vacation from the private school where she school counselor and she was going back home. Her mom had passed away from pneumonia but she also had cancer when Nic was sixteen. Daniel stepped up when their mother got sick and toke over the things she used to do. Nic’s first love was Tyler. When Nic got to her childhood home she noticed some pictures were off her bedroom walls and everyone had Corinne in them. Tyler stopped by to sat hi to Nic he had his date with him Annalise in his truck. The girl who had given them a alibi when Corrinne came up missing- Corinne was her sister. Everything had changed after that. Then Annaleise came up missing. Nic was getting very stressed with all with all that was going on. Nic was having trouble sleeping and had lost weight as it was hard for her to eat. Everett was worried about her and wanted Nic to return with him and move in together.

This was a great story. Once you started reading this story I didn’t want to stop. The story totally pulled you in: past affairs, engagement, murder, secrets, lies, miscarriage, intrigue, suspense and alot more. I loved absolutely loved all the twists and turns of this story and how it went backwards. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.