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Sleeping Giants - Sylvain Neuvel

It was Rose’s eleventh birthday and she had gotten a new bike but she had to wait until her party was over to try it out. As soon as everyone left Rose was off on her bike before it got dark and she had to be home for the night. Rose was not like most eleven year old girls as she had problems making friends and would rather: read, or go walking in the woods or just be alone. Rose had ridden her new bike into the woods and then saw a turquoise light. She got off her bike and went toward the light.down the hill. Then she fell into a square hole. She was found by firemen and was helped out. A week later a fireman came to her door to show her the pictures he had taken and they showed Rose in the palm of a big metal hand. Then it wasn’t mentioned anymore and Rose went on with her life. Rose ended up getting a PHD in physics. She had not seen the hand in seventeen years. Then it seem to have found her. Carbon dated tests showed the organic matter on the hand to be five to six thousand years old. After the hand was demilitarized Rose was put in charge to study the hand. Four months later Rose handed in her report knowing it would probably end her career and she went back to her childhood home’

I just could not get into this story. Maybe because it seemed dull and lifeless to me I am not really a scientific type of person. The story just didn’t hold my interest.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.