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Great Story and Characters

It Takes One - Kate Kessler

Dr. Audrey Harte was a criminal psychologist and was the resident criminal psychologist for a t v program called When Kids Kill.  Audrey doesn’t like the spotlight but her best friend- only friend actually- Carrie is the producer’s sister. Audrey feels she owes Carrie several favors so she is doing the show for her. Audrey had studied criminal psychology so she could try to help kids.

Audrey was going home for a couple of days for her mother’s birthday. Audrey hadn’t been back home in seven years. As she neared town Audrey got a call from her mother asking her to pick up her dad at the local bar. While at the bar Maggie comes up to Audrey but Jake steps in between them . Jake helped Audrey get her dad out of the ba rand thought about her as she went to get her car. Jake had been five when he first met Audrey and then a year later his mother toke her kids and left the only person Jake missed was Audrey. When Jake’s mother brought Jake back to dump him off on his grandma Audrey was the first friend to welcome him back. Jake wants Audrey's friendship back. Jake runs the bar now. Maggie and Audrey had been best friends at thirteen and Maggie told Audrey how her father has been raping her for awhile and maybe touching her brother. The girls tried to get help but noone would listen. So Audrey helped Maggie kill her father -Clint- by bashing his head in with a rock. Maggie was sent to a psychiatric hospital because of the trauma and Audrey was sent to a juvenile detention center for three years and and a good education.Maggie and Audrey were no longer friends as Maggie had slept with Jake knowing how Audrey felt felt about him. The next morning Maggie was found dead on the beach Jake owned with her head bashed in by a rock just like her father’s had been. The town people of course blame Audrey.

This was an excellent story with a great plot. I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t stop reading it was as if I had to find out who actually killed Maggie even though I had an idea. This story really pulled you in and kept you there. I enjoyed how in depth the characters were and how they were portrayed. I loved all the twists and turns . I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.