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Great Story and Characters

Wrapped In You (The Monroes) - Jules Bennett

Sophie had rung Zach and asked him to come to her real estate office. Zach still loved Sophie even after ten years but he had ruined her life with his stupidity causing a car accident that could have killed Sophie and his brother Liam and they both carry scars. Zach could not forgive himself even though he did a year in jail that just wasn’t enough as far as Zach was concerned.Zach always lost control of his thoughts and had problems breathing when Sophie was anywhere around him. Zach had been the last one adopted by the Monroe's and Chelsea was the only girl of the four. But now Chelsea was dead she had died in a terrible skiing accident four months earlier. Sophie and Chelsea had been best friends since grade school. Chelsea had always been there for Zach , she had been a strong force in his life as she had been the only one of his siblings who seemed to get him. Zach missed her so much. Sophie told Zach and his brothers she had an offer on the property Sophie had left to them. . Zach immediately says no. Then he found some of Chelsea’s notebooks that showed her dream of making the old house an exclusive day spa and retreat  exclusively for women. Sophie pulls the brothers together to to bring Chelsea’s dream into becoming a reality. Sophie also helps.

I absolutely loved this story. So much in it for a short story. The plot and writing was also great. I would have liked to know more about Zach s past as well as the accident hopefully in a future story. The characters were awesome and I loved  all the ins and out of the story especially those involving Sophie and Zach. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC  of this story for an honest review.