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Good Story and Characters

The Wedding Date - Jennifer Joyce

Delilah is twenty four and having a horrific time . She was dumped by the man she thought she loved -Ben- nine months before. Delilah still hoped he would come back to her but actually he is already engaged to another woman who is pregnant by him. So Delilah has a friend named Francesca that she has been friends with since the were six, They weren’t really that close any more but stayed in contact with each other. Francesca was marrying Jeremy and Francesca wanted to let Delilah know Ben was to be best man. So Delilah has to find a plus one and she has six months to do it. So Delilah did everything to find the man. She had a date with the local bartender and she tried online dating , her friends and family set her up on blind dates. Delilah’s two best friends are Lauren and Ryan. Ryan even pretends to be her boyfriend for awhile. Delilah works at Brinkley’s biscuit factory. Delilah finds her job dull but six months ago Adam was hired as head of media. Adam was very nice to Delilah and they start hanging out after work. Delilah has a sense of drama and lies- not to hurt anyone but to make herself and her life appear better but some of the consequences…….

This story was really cute. I laughed alot in it especially over some of those dates….  This story was an easy and fun read. It was also realistic and wouldn’t be the first time this scenario has happened. The plot and writing was good as were the characters. I loved the ins and out Delilah went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.