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A Thousand Yesteryears (Point Pleasant) - Mae Clair

Eve lost her father and one of her best friends Maggie the day Silver Bridge collapsed. Right after Eve’s mom signed the hotel over to Aunt Ruth and left with her family. Aunt Rose died of cancer at forty nine and left Eve her house and the Parrish Hotel. Eve was crushing on Caden who was eighteen to her twelve when she left. When Eve gets back to Point Pleasant for the first time in she finds her Aunt Rose’s house had been broke into and the only two rooms completely tore apart was the dark room and her Aunt Rose’s bedroom. Caden i suggested to ask to help her fix the house up . Caden isn’t anything he was meant to be as guilt he felt that he  suggested his  sister Maggie going out. Caden lived and Maggie didn’t and he was being crushed under this overwhelming guilt. There are still rumors that Mothman is around. The Mothman is suppose to be in the region of TNT area that had once stored ammunition during W W I I. Mothman is a giant birdlike humanoid so the myth says and several people have reported seeing it in this area. Eve started getting threatening notes in her car to leave town. Eve also gets odd phone calls that consists of static and clicks.

I liked the story but didn’t love it. The story was fast and some things were predictable. But this story does have: heroes, lies, a killer, murder, suspense, myths, romance, tragedy, greed and more. You did figure who was the killer before the end that was disappointing. I did like this story just didn’t love ir.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.