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Just Fall: A Novel - Nina Sadowsky

Ellie is awaiting to start her wedding to the man she loved Rob. After the first date they agreed on a lot of things . Rob loved Ellie and Ellie loved Rob even if they both had secrets from each other. Ellie had a nickname Stealth it was better than to be refereed to as that’s the one who’s sister died. Ellie’s husband is a hitman. Who tells her his occupation just after they had married before the reception was to start and she has to go and act normal. Ellie must decide to kill someone or her husband will die. Rob wanted out of this lifestyle but those he worked for did not want to let him go. Rob tried to protect Ellie by lying to her.

I can’t say I really liked this story. First off if you really loved someone you would be honest and let them make a choice to stay with you especially in Rob’s case. At least then Ellie would never feel like she had been trapped. Also I don’t like the now and then part. Do one book as the now and then another as the then.Then the past is all over the place. Sure it gives you a back story but I didn’t like how it was presented. I believe there were too many secondary characters to keep track of as well as too many story lines and subplots. I just could not get into this story even though it was well written

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.