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Good Story and Characters

A Mess of a Man - A.M. Hargrove, Terri E. Laine

Ben is a definite player. It had been a year since his childhood best friend Ben had died young and from cancer. Ben doesn’t know what to do without his “brother”/best friend. Also his heart had been broken by his first love. So Ben was determined not to get close to anyone that way he couldn’t be hurt. His biggest goal is to make his father happy. Even if it did turn him into a workaholic. Then Ben meets Samantha/Sam in the produce aisle of a grocery aisle. Sam is also determined  not to get involved with anyone as her last relationship had a very messy ending. Sam is twenty four and an event player and has her own business and is determined to make a big hit of her business . Sam and Ben exchange numbers . Sam is very caring and a good listener. Also Sam and Ben can’t seem to stay away from each other. But trust is the biggest issue between Sam and Ben. Then Ben finds a lump in Sam’s breast. Ben runs from Sam and wants nothing to do with her. Ben realizes his error and fights to get Sam back in his life.

I liked this story quiet a lot. I cried at times through this story. It had a slow start but then I really got got into this story and didn’t want to put this story down. I was angry when Ben at times for his treatment of women in general and Sam in specific . I understand his fear and was glad when he woke up and realizes what he had done. But this story really had everything: loss, love, loneliness, depression, desire, passion, family bonds, friendship bonds, grief. What a gauntlet of emotions you go through. I grew to love Ben and all the twists and turns  that Ben and Sam went through as well as the story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.