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Enemy Red - Marie Harte

Michael the alpha of the silver clan was trying to force twins Anson and Fenris who are twenty five to go through the mating ritual. That would result in a forced mating. Fenris refused and toke off running. Centuries ago a sorcerer had cast a spell for the silver clan to keep humans away, The pack had also ran off all other animals that had been in their territory, Runda was the alpha of the red clan who supposedly had been wiped out by the silver clan.Fenris had been running for awhile when the scent of a female enticed him even when red wolves and a grizzly bear with her. Fenris immediately mounted the female and was knocked off by one of the red wolves then he was attacked. Rundra was the daughter of a wolf and sorcerer. Rundra accepted foxes, wolves, and bears in the clan as long as the silver wolves were considered their enemies.

This short story was okay but didn’t WOW me not enough story for everything being offered especially all the conflicts contained. I would have liked more information on the characters as well as why the silver wolves ran everything off their territory. Also what had happened to the friendship between the sorcerers and the silver clan. As I said story just didn’t Wow me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.