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Good Story and Characters

The Billionaire's Intern An Alpha Billionaire Romance - Crystal Kaswell

Lizzie goes to an interview at Odyssey for an internship. Then Lizzie hears his voice and realizes Nick is really Phoenix and he refuses Lizzie the job. When in San Francisco four months earlier Lizzie met Nick when he offered her his coat when it was raining. They ended up having a one night stand and Lizzie thought she would never see Nick again. So after Lizzie is turned down for the job she leaves knowing she will have to leave her sister Kat and return to college as she can’t support herself yet. Kat lives with her rich fiance Blake and Lizzie refuses help from Kat or Blake. Kat had gave up her life to raise Lizzie after a car accident that killed their parents and left Lizzie in ICU for a week and unable to walk initially. Lizzie had six months rehab and physical therapy. Lizzie still has to be careful and has to do a lot of exercise and Yoga . Nick was angry Lizzie didn't give her first name but did use her middle name. Lizzie decided to go to a club with Sarah. Nick found her there and offered her the internship.

I liked this story. I felt Lizzie was a very strong young woman and she went after what she wanted. I was glad Nick ended up giving her the internship. I was also glad when his walls started coming down. I love the characters and the ins and outs Nick and Lizzie went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.