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Great Story and Characters

Facing Evil - Kylie Brant

It toke eight years to track down her son- Sonny and now he was dead . The other partner in crime -Mason was in jail waiting for trial. Even though Vickie herself killed Sonny she blamed everyone else. He had been a little crazy as a boy but nothing like he was when Vickie found him. As far as Vickie is concerned it was the social workers fault she had lost her parental rights and had already paid . Also Vickie is truly evil and death excited her. Vickie was the mastermind of the Cornbelt Killers. The Cornbelt Killers had robbed,raped, tortured and killed at least fourteen women. Cam was a special agent of DCI and at the funeral of one of the victims of these killers. With Cam was Sophie who was a forensic psychologist or profiler. Sophie had been on the case almost since the beginning and had been kidnapped herself and killed almost six weeks earlier by Mason. Sonny was dead, mason was in jail awaiting trial, but Vickie was still free. Vickie must be found or possibly Cam or Sophie might not survive.This was the third book of a series to make it easier on yourself I suggest you read the three books in order so all ties in together for you/ How could you not like this story with all the elements in it such as: murder, rape, bombs, fire, Cartels, romance, suspense, action, and danger but also so much more. I certainly enjoyed reading this story. Excellent story and plot. So many twists and turns. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.