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Good Story and Characters

Crushed (Seven Forbidden Arts) - Charmaine Pauls

Lily is eighteen and running as her father is a big criminal but appears as a business man and people are after Lily and they had already killer her Nana. If these people catch Lily they can use her to get to her dad. Lily escapes but then one day her money runs out she finds herself homeless and ends up on a beach with an oncoming storm she is tired and hungry. Then Lily runs into Jacob who  seems to take pity on her and gives her shelter and what she needs. Then Jacob and Lily start to Paris to find her dad. Lily and Jacob are attracted to each other and feelings have started to develop but they both fight them. Especially Jacob as he is suppose to get information from Lily then kill her. .

I like the story. It had a great plot. It also had a lot of action and was fast paced. I like how Lily got to Jacob who was suppose to kill her in the end yet somehow he didn’t strike me as the ruthless killer he is suppose to be. I liked all the places they travel and how Lily and Jacob travel. I loved the twists and turns in this story especially the ones involving Lily and Jacob. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.