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Good Story and Characters

Leaving Eva (The Eva Series Book 1) - Jennifer Sivec

Eva/Brynn was born to a drug addicted runaway mother who father left her at the side of the road . then she is adopted and her name is changed to Brynn but her adopted father abuses her also. Brynn started to cut herself  when she was younger at least she could control that. Then she finds comfort and love in Adam and marries him. But Brynn must face her past or possibly lose Adam.

This was some story. It was an absolute roller coaster ride and so realistic it was scary. It did go back and forth a lot from past to present and normally I really don’t like that but this was so well written The story riveted you in and you got through it. Also having the point of view change from Brynn to her birth mother got a little confusing at times but the story was that good that once again you got through it. But then to my absolute horror it was a cliffhanger. One thing I really can’t stand but I will have to wait for the next book. That is why this is a four instead of a five, But I do definitely recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.