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Good Story and Characters

Dream Girls: Stephanie (Volume 2) - Carrie Thomas

Stephanie’s original apartment caught on fire so her new roommate was Cole. Stephanie and Cole became close friends . Stephanie is in college studying to be a teacher. Both Cole and Stephanie work at the same bar. Cole is jealous of the guys who look at Stephanie at the bar and then realizes he is in love with Stephanie but is afraid to tell her.

This was  a nice funny read. No real drama other than Cole finds he cares a lot more than just a friend but is afraid they will lose what they already have. Usual best friends to lovers story but very enjoyable. It was a little slow at times but you get through it. At times this story seemed a little cheesy but that is okay also. I liked the story and loved the characters. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.