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Good Story and Characters

Mad About Max - Holly Fuhrmann

Grace wanted to get home her trip was success and the publisher was pleased with her work. Her editor offered her a three book deal. But then she heard a voice in her car telling her to slow down. She pulled over to the side of the road but no one was there. She looked again and there was Myrtle, Fern, and Blossom three fictional characters she had created for her stories. They were fairy godmothers who had come to Grace to help her find Mr. Right. Grace thought she was loosing her mind. So Grace makes a appointment to see Max who is a psychiatrist. Max doesn’t know what to think about Grace she may be delusional but when she smiles….

I liked this story a lot. It had a very good plot and was well written. It was funny and had me laughing out loud although a couple of times I also choked up. There is a lot to this story like : the evil step family, a villain, a prince - we know who that is, a make over and even three elderly fairy godmothers what more could any one ask for? I loved the characters and the ins and out Max and Grace went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.