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Great Story and Characters

The Curse of Tenth Grave - Darynda Jones

Charlie was a P I but more importantly she was a Grim Reaper. Charlie had lost her memory for a month and had only been home for a week. Her best friend/co worker Cookie was now married to her uncle Bob. Charlie could feel others emotions and if they were lying as long as the individual knew they were lying. Charlie was still feeling out of sorts even though she was home and now had her memory back, but there were a couple of reasons for Charlie feeling this way. First: her new born daughter had been taken to a safe place and being raised away from Charlie and Reyes when she was only two days old. Charlie was a bright light that attracted souls of dead people that had not crossed over. Charlie and Reyes daughter had been fated to take out Satin and save the world when she was older and needed to be kept safe. Charlie is a God as is Reyes her soulmate and husband Reyes so that weighed on her. Also Charlie had lost her father not too long ago but he had passed through Charlie and he had revealed alot she had  not known.

Another great story I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought at first Charlie may have to go against Reyes and that broke my heart but didn’t happen so I was real happy as far as I am concerned I don’t want to see Charlie and Reyes never apart for any length of time. Charlie and Reyes belong together. I had problems putting this story down. It was like visiting old friends : Charlie, Reyes , Cookie. Pari, Uncle Bob, Osh, Rocket, just like I am right there with them all again. My heart broke a little when Charlie and Reyes had to leave beep after so little time but we knew why. So story and plot was great. Characters were great I loved all the twists and turns they went through especially Charlie and Reyes. I loved all the twists and turns in the story. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.